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Jac Lau - 《Befriend Emotions》

Jac Lau - 《Befriend Emotions》

  • Artists: AOA / ATEEZ / BTS
  • Product Code: Jac Lau
  • Release Date: 2022-11-01
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  • HK$128.00

Indie singer-songwriter Jac

Lau has released her debut EP album, "Befriend Emotions" featuring five English songs that explore the meaning of emotions.

Introducing the tracks:

1. "A Song to My Heart": Reflect on the difference between yourself and your true self projected by others, and decide to listen to your inner voice and go on.

2. "No I can't fix it by myself": Use funk arrangement to lightly release the pressure of work.

3. "I was astonished": Review a past

relationship, release regrets, be grateful for the experience, and send blessings.

4. "Oh I wish it's you": Gain the power to live by asking questions to the universe.

5. "Nostalgia": Enjoy the feeling of being one with nature, wash away the usual depression, and return to the embrace of Mother Earth.

Total : 18mins 5 seconds

Jac Lau EP "Befriend Emotions" is self financed and limited copies are available at store !