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Pre-order/Group Order

We provide pre-order service before the product is published.

  1. Pre-order price will generally be lower than in-store purchase.
  2. In case of shortage of stock, pre-ordered purchase will get priority over in-store purchase.
  3. We will notify our pre-ordered customers if there is a shortage of stock or if we are out of stock.
  4. Customers must pick up your ordered item within 2 weeks of product arrival, otherwise the deposit will be voided.
  5. The price can be negotiable for group purchase of 20 pieces or more.
  6. We can help customer to order products not listed on our website. Please provide us the details product information e.g. product barcode or number, product name and other information etc.
  7. For all pre-orders / group orders / substitute orders, please contact us through our website, WhatsApp (6295-5147) / WeChat ID: skymusichk or come to our store in person.